If you have any questions that are not answered here feel free to call us at anytime.

Phone: (844) 679-9648

Are Indoor & Outdoor laser tag at the same location?

No, they are at separate locations!  Indoor is at 2385 Marron Road in Carlsbad.  Outdoor laser tag is at Camp Pendleton Playland in Oceanside!

Is laser tag Safe?

We use an infrared system so it cannot harm the eyes of the participants. The arena is dimly lit but is easy to navigate with plenty of signs to direct participants to the nearest exit if necessary. Players are not allowed to run while playing and the staff is there to keep them safe. We work hard to keep all our participants safe.

How long are the games?

8 minutes each

What is your age limit?

The recommended age is 5+, but there is no age limit. The guns are around 2 lbs each. Younger children will get tired trying to hoist the gun around for extended periods of time.

Who do we play with?

If you are coming in without a reservation you will play with whoever is here at the time of your arrival, wait times never tend to exceed 20 minutes to get into a game.

Party reservations, of 15 or more players, get private games for their reserved times.

How many people can play at once?

Twenty people can participate in a single game. That can be divided into a 10 on 10 match or a 20 person free for all, where there are no teams and anyone is a potential target and threat.

Is this for kids?

Absolutely! That said there are plenty of adults who love this game. Our gear is quite different from other laser tag places. There is no cumbersome vest that you have to wear. This allows our adults to play the way they want to play without feeling like they’re wearing a plastic harness.

How dark is it?

Our arena can be described as “dimly lit,” but it players are fully capable of getting around and navigating the obstacles without issues. There is a light show as well as backlights illuminating the play area.

How far in advance must I book my private party?

We ask that you call us at your earliest convenience. Seven day notice is requested. The time slots for parties are handed out on a first-come first serve basis so it is important to book your party as early as possible to ensure that you get a day and time that is convenient.

Can I bring food to LazerTag Galaxy?

Private groups with advance reservations are permitted to bring in cake or cupcakes and bottled water. Beyond that, outside food is not permitted. Our staff would be happy to assist you in ordering pizza and additional drinks.

Walk in players may bring in bottled water but are not permitted to bring in any additional drinks or food.